Latest 10 Changes in UK Visa Rules


Latest 10 Changes in UK Visa Rules

The UK government has recently announced some changes in its immigration laws. Here they are…


Changes in Visa Requirement in UK

1. In order to bring non-EU spouse, the sponsor needs to show evidence of annual income of at least 18,600 pounds.

2. If a child will be included, the threshold is increased to 22,400 pounds.

3. Any subsequent addition of child to be included raises the threshold by 2,400 pounds each. This has been one of the efforts of the government in cutting down the growing number of immigrants that are non-EU. Significant increased in the amount of threshold is also designed to crack down bogus marriages as well as family visas which have increased the burden of the taxpayers.

4. In addition to the threshold limit, non-EU spouses will need to wait at least 2-5 years in order to be eligible for permanent residency.

5. Before the changes of requirement for non-EU spouses, the immigration authorities have also implemented the changes in the requirement for applying a student visa. If the applicant is from outside the EU, he is required to speak higher level of English and not just the beginner level.

6. If the student will be taking below degree level, the student may work only for 10 hours in a week and not 20 hours which was previously allowed.

7. If you will take short courses only, you are not permitted to bring dependents. The UK government has implemented these rules so as to avoid those people who are abusing student visa.

8. The tier 2 visa issued by immigration authorities are for those medium and highly skilled workers who intend to migrate to the UK. The authorities require that an applicant must show proof of confirmed offer of employment coming from British company.

9. The employer must also be registered with UK Border Agency as sponsor applicant. They will undertake responsibilities which will help in immigration control. The tier 2 visa approval will also be based on qualification according to age, prospective earnings and available maintenance. There is a corresponding point given according to the degree of education with PhD with highest point.

10. In the level of demand, points are given according to non-shortage position and shortage positions.

Effects of These Changes

Because of the more stringent requirement being imposed by the UK immigration authorities in visa application, it has become a burden for those who have legitimate causes. An example of this are those spouses who cannot meet the significant increase in the threshold will not be able to be with their family. Student who may not pass the requirement of standard of English may no longer pursue their desired courses in this place. The workers may not also qualify according to the stringent point system.

Whom to Talk To About These Changes?

Candidates who intend to seek visa can speak to British immigration experts. The latter can provide them with all the necessary information on how to comply with the changes in these rules.

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