Best Baby Gate for Bottom of Stairs

Do you have bottom stairs and worried about your growing baby? You should use the best baby gate for bottom of stairs with banister for the safety of your baby.

Becoming parents bring a lot of charm to the life of couples! Meanwhile, it also makes them concerned about the health and safety of those little human beings who fill the homes with cackles and joy!

No doubt that safety is the priority of parents who have a staircase in their homes no matter they live on the ground floor or the first floor. You may also choose the best affordable crib mattress for a baby crib.

Why You Need Baby Gate?

The first thing that comes to mind when your baby starts crawling is the safety of your little one! As it is not humanly possible to keep an eye on the active most creature on Earth who is passionate to explore the whole world in a single day! So, it becomes a compulsion to make your house babyproof to ensure the safety of your infant and the peace of your mind.

If you live in an apartment where the staircase erects from within the living room or the entryway; your baby is prone to climb up or climb down the stairs in a blink of an eye. No matter how conscious you may be, but not babyproofing your staircase is equal to exposing your toddler to a threat to fall that of course, no parent can ever imagine.

When it’s about babyproofing your staircase from top or bottom, there are hundreds of products available in the market to make a listing. But not all products offer you the same level of safety that is required to keep your little one safe and secure.

5 Best Baby Gates for Bottom of Stairs

1. EasyBaby Products Indoor Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate

EasyBaby Products Indoor Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate



EasyBaby is the brand that brings this reliable baby gate that you can install to the stairways, doorways, hallways, indoors or outdoors, to keep your baby safe.  

The frame of this baby gate is sturdy and made up of stainless steel. The same material is used for the screws to enhance the safety factor. It is easy to install as it comes with catch mounts, wall spacers, and a step-by-step installation guide. You can install it along a hard wall, timber, or plasterboard; hence you need a rigid surface to install it.

The size of this adjustable baby gate is 55″W x 33″H. This is a retractable gate which is a space-saving idea for a congested space. All you need to do is to drill a:

  • 3mm pilot hole if you have a timber surface.
  • 6mm hole for a hard wall.

It allows you to perform a one-handed operation to block the way of kids and pets. You can push and turn it clockwise to unlock the gate and grasp the handle to pull and hook it onto the catches. To lock it, you can push it and turn it counter-clockwise. On top of all, the gate lines are tested to the safety standards and meet the requirements of both ASTM or EN standards.

2. Safety 1st Easy Install Baby Gate with Pressure Mount

Safety 1st Easy Install Baby Gate with Pressure Mount


Safety 1st Store offers this easy-to-install extra tall & wide baby gate to create your living space more child-friendly for your crawling and growing baby.

The ultimate perk that this baby gate offers is the additional height protection that also saves up the cost to get a new gate with an increased height. You can install it either at the top or the bottom of the staircase. This is something not all brands are offering in such a package. It is also pet-friendly.

It is a pressure-mounted gate that is also adjustable to fit a wide opening or doorways ranging between 29 to 47 inches. It offers a one-handed operation. It has easy and tool-free installation.

It also offers a security check that the gate is properly installed and good to go with visual red and green indicators.

It weighs up to 15.25 pounds with dimensions of 37.6 x 2.2 x 28.7 inches.

It has a SecureTech pressure indicator to help you realize at a glance when you need to adjust the gate’s pressure for extra safety. It allows quick and easy installation, with no requirement of tools. You also don’t need to drill to fix this baby gate.

3. Toddleroo by North States Wide Easy Swing & Lock Baby Gate

Toddleroo by North States Wide Easy Swing & Lock Baby Gate



This is one of the dependable most baby gates that you can bring home without a second thought!

It has a 3-in-1 arched metal super yard that makes it even more reliable and allows it to function as a portable playpen. You can install it on the carpet, tile, floors, or hardwood with no fear of it being scratchy.

This baby gate weighs 9.29 pounds. Followings are the dimensions of this baby gate:

30.5 x 2 x 29 inches

This baby gate comes with a comprehensive safety manual for a complete list of safety warnings to help you make better use of it. It offers an additional feature of a dual lock that causes additional safety for your child.

Toddleroo by the North States manufactures this Easy Swing & Lock Gate to ensure the safety of your infants when they are on the move. This gate is made up of steel metal with a bronze matte finishing. It blends well with your home décor and doesn’t look like an odd guy at the party.

It allows you to operate it with one hand while allowing the other hand free to handle your toddler. It is the safest baby gate that you can get for your piece of joy!

4. Regalo Wall Mounted Baby Gate Includes Banister

Regalo Wall Mounted Baby Gate Includes Banister



Regalo Stores brings this two in one wall mounted baby gate that you can install in the stairways and hallways. It comes with a banister and wall mounting kit.

It is extra wide and expands to the stairways and broad opening ranging between 29-43 inches. This baby gate stands 30.5 inches tall to ensure the safety of your baby. It also allows you to make your living space pet-friendly. Followings are the product dimensions:

41.73 x 0.39 x 29.92 inches

The material used in the composition of this baby gate is steel that makes up a sturdy frame with a weight of 0.352 ounces.

The package includes a gate, mounted level poles, sixteen banister corner protectors, four square banister adapters, six plastic wall spacers, one round banister adapters, wall mounting hardware, and an easy-to-use and comprehensive user manual to help you in quick and easy installation.

This baby gate is adjustable and allows you to install it at the bottom or top of the stairs, hallways, or doorways. It is a durable product that is going to assist you for not less than a lifetime if you follow the user guide properly. It allows you to make your home is the most playful space for your crawling baby and your fun-loving fur friend.

5. Regalo Extra Wide Stairway and Hallway Walk Through Baby Safety Gate

Regalo Extra Wide Stairway and Hallway Walk Through Baby Safety Gate



Regalo Store manufactures this Top of Stair Baby Gate. It stands 28.75” tall to ensure the safety of your growing kids. It can fit the doorways between 24’’ to 40.5” inches wide. It is a two in one baby gate that you could rely on for your children’s safety. You can install it on wide stairways, doorways, and hallways.

It is an adjustable gate that must be mounted at least 6” back from the front edge of the stairs to enhance your kid’s safety. It is easy and quick to install and remove. It has an easy rotating latch that enables you to use it with convenience.

It can be used for medium to large dogs as its material can sustain the pressure they may exert while trying to open it.

Followings are the product dimensions:

40.5 x 1 x 28.5 inches

This durable baby gate weighs 3.17 ounces. You can take it with you if are going to another city for a holiday. It is made with sturdy material and also includes an additional feature of safety-lock that is perfect for 6 to 24 months old babies and pets of all ages.


If you have a lovely little toddler learning to explore every inch of your home, then you must no longer limit her with the fear of a fall through the stairs. All you need to do is to make your living space more and more babyproof and it is way simpler with the use of any of these durable and reliable baby gates that ensure the ultimate safety of your little one.

This is something you can do at once to stay trouble-free as you would no longer have to chase your little to prevent her from a fall. You can ensure the safety of your kid with these amazing baby gates that can be installed in any space including the hallways, top, and bottom of the stairs or the doorways. All you need to do is to bring a reliable and durable piece home and assemble it as easily as you could ever imagine.

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