Best Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max Pacific Blue [Top-Rated]

To keep your iPhone protect and stylish, you should buy the absolute best case to save it. Thousands of iPhone covers are available online, and you can quickly get lost not knowing which case brand of iPhone 12 pro max to trust.

Some want the most lightweight and careful cover, and Others prefer heavy and robust protection. There are even two variants for consumers to pick primary blue and pacific blue. That being said, if there is anything significant to a new smartphone purchase, then a slim and high-quality case would be a logical choice to go for.

A thin case is a perfect way to save your iPhone for people who prefer an iPhone without a case but need at least a small layer protection layer. You can protect your iPhone 12 Pro Max from crashes and scratches without confining it in a big, bulky case. These are many of the best iPhone 12 Pro Max thin cases that provide just a little protection without taking away from that slim, greasy profile you love.

When dropping an iPhone from a high distance without using any protection means it will face intense damage. The metal right-angle frame becomes damaged, dented and cracked screens are among the things that would make an iPhone12 Pro Max owner’s heart sinking. If that may not seem like a worry, perhaps it’s worth taking a look at all the broken phones people talked about. There are five cases from which you can protect your iPhone 12 pro max.

Top 5 Cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max Pacific Blue

1. CASEKOO Slim Fit Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max Case
(Pacific Blue)

CASEKOO Slim Fit Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max Case Pacific Blue

Key Features

  • Incredibly Slim Fit & Light
  • Wireless Charge Support
  • Screen & Camera Guard
  • Perfect Fit

Casekoo slim-fit case is one of the super light and ultra-thin cases on the market. It is made from polycarbonate material. Its standard screen size is 6.7 inches. It adds zero weight and keeps your new phone slimmer.

At the same time, it provides the necessary protection for your phone from stains and scratches. This case is Imported from Germany TOP Bayer material, and it will not be faded or colorful.

The classic matte finish on this protective matter hard case eliminates any oily fingerprints or tenseful scratches. Most of the customers fell in love with its velvety touch feeling, just like baby skin.

This is specially designed thin case core protection with 0.7 mm-raised edges closely wraps expensive parts of your phone screen and camera from stop scratches. You can be safe with your phone to place your cellphone wherever using a case.

All in all, this is a slim but strong case. It can offer reliable protection to your cellphone during your daily use. This slim case supports wireless charging without taking the case off.


  • Support wireless charging
  • Minimal, ultra-thin design
  • 10ft drop protection
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Induces sweat when held for long

2. MIRACASE Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max Case
(Navy Blue)

MIRACASE Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max Case Navy Blue

Key Features

  • Durable Liquid Silicone Case
  • Support Wireless Charger
  • Exquisite Tactile Button
  • Full Body Protection

MIRACASE is made from liquid silicone, which is compatible with the iPhone 12 pro max. It can work with wireless charging. It has a smooth surface layer .it will protect your iPhone 12 pro max edges and corners.

The silicone material Miracase has sticky, we have added a layer of feel oil on the silicone surface, but it will also catch fiber or dust. But please don’t worry, it can clean easily with damp.

Miracase is an insulator, and the good insulation is safer for iPhone 12 pro max users. It saves your iPhone 12 pro max from Anti-fingerprint,scratch-resistant performance, and drop protection.

It has a 1mm lip outer design that slightly raises above the screen and protects your iPhone screen or camera dropping or to lay face down on the surface access to all ports, controls & sensors.


  • The microfiber inside the case keeps dirt away from the case and scratching my phone.
  • It Protects your phone well and fits perfectly.
  • Miracase does not show dirt or germs.
  • Good locations for button control.
  • Lightweight and Ultra-thin.


  • Will attract lint, though it’s easily wiped away.

3. TORRAS Slim Fit Compatible for iPhone 12 Pro Max Case
(Navy Blue)

TORRAS Slim Fit Compatible for iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Key Features

  • Impossibly Thin & Ultra-Light
  • Support Wireless Charging
  • Full Protection
  • Excellent Grip

Torras slim-fit case is Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7 inch, and it is Specially designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max with just a 0.03-inch thickness and its weight is only 19 grams.

It has Support wireless charging as well as Mag-safe. If you did not like chunky cases and want some protection, this one is made for you. This slim-fit case hugs 12 Pro Max entirely like a glove. All buttons are found and pressed easily in torras slim fit. The case remains the classic straight-line design.

It wraps the sharp edges and protects your fingers from cutting. Coating with Nano fine finish, anti-fingerprints, anti-scratches, the 12 Pro Max hard case provides a silky smooth touch feeling and comfortable grip. It’s easy to hold, and You will love the feel of it.

This protective case is strong enough to handle daily wear and tear. It has 1 mm raised lips for the camera, and the screen offers adequate protection from scratches when you put your phone on the flat.


  • Raised lips to protect camera
  • Easy button presser
  • Lightweight
  • Ultra-thin


  • Rigid rubberized shield on volumes

4. SPIGEN Ultra Hybrid Designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max Case
(Dark Blue)

SPIGEN Ultra Hybrid Designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Key Features

  • Most Thin & Ultra-Light
  • Hybrid technology
  • Full Protection
  • Great Grip

Spigen Thin Fit Case has a depth of all of 0.1 inches, making it the thinnest iPhone 12 Pro Max case on this list of slim cases. The case is lightweight and slips into the pocket easily due to the high-quality, scratch-resistant polycarbonate shell.

Spigen has covered buttons, and the precise cutouts make accessing them quicker and more comfortable, and effortless. If that was not enough, then the slim-fit design is also firm in its coverage and makes slipping the cover on and taking it off an easy job.

In addition to the above explanations, there is much more to choose from in this case. Firstly, it’s available in a gamut of colors and shades, including pink, two shades of blue, black, and mint. What’s more, the case even supports MagSafe charging and is compatible with QNMP car mounts phone holder.


  • Supports MagSafe charging
  • Ultra-thin in this list
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Affordable


  • It does not support wireless charging
  • Slippery case

5. SMARTISH iPhone 12 Pro Max Wallet Case
(Pacific Blue)

SMARTISH iPhone 12 Pro Max Wallet Case

Key Features

  • Secure 3 cards and cash
  • High grip textured sides
  • Ultra-light
  • Durable

Smartish makes everyday life a little more comfortable with phone cases and its unexpected feature of a wallet case. You can hold Your ID, credit cards, and cash all securely fit against your phone-everything you need in one place.

But will it protect your phone? Because it has no raised edge to protect the screen.It has an ultra-light and durable construction. This iPhone case is thin and covered. The buttons are not pressed easily due to the case hardness.

You can get your daily baggage under control and make your life simpler with the Wallet Slayer. This case is not compatible with Wireless or MagSafe Chargers.


  • Credit cards will not be damaged inside the case
  • Wallet to Secures three cards plus cash
  • Ultra-light & durable construction
  • High-grip textured sides


  • Not compatible with the mega safe charger
  • Not compatible with wireless charging

Final Verdict

We concluded that these iPhone 12 pros Max cases are suitable for your cell phone in the above discussion.

Can you get through a day without your iPhone 12 Pro Max? You can choose the best case from All of the above cases with different specifications.

Every case is used to protect your iPhone 12 pro max, but everyone is different from others. Using these slim cases, you felt happy at their reasonable prices.

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