Best Soundbar for Samsung QLED Tv 2021 (Top Rated)

Do you want to get the best soundbar for Samsung QLED tv? No worries! Here is the perfect solution for you.

A soundbar is a full-fledged speaker that produces audio of excellent quality without occupying more space. The soundbars or media bars are essential to get a clear sound than TV. It works with the help of multiple speakers and electronics to produce a clear sound. The soundbar can be wired or wireless with remote control or Bluetooth connectivity.

Our Strategy!

We explored a wide list of the soundbar for Samsung QLED tv and extracted the 5 best units from all. At the time of searching, we considered features like size, Bluetooth connectivity, controlling system, ports, and other supporting functions. Our top picks are based on these factors.

What makes it different?

After considering these features we filter them one by one on the basis of customer rating and reviews. This filtration led us to choose the 5 best soundbars for Samsung QLED tv.

In addition, we have put the buying guide on how to choose the best soundbar for the Samsung QLED tv of the year. This guide will provide you an in-depth insight to make your selection more refine.

Top 5 Soundbars for Samsung QLED Tv

After a deep study on customer review and product rating, we integrated the results into our research. As a result, we got a list of the top 5 and the best soundbar for Samsung QLED tv.

Here is the list of the best soundbars for Samsung QLED tv that you can consider with confidence. Have a look at our selected product and make your time more amazing.

1. Samsung Harman Kardon 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos Soundbar HW-Q90R

Samsung Harman Kardon 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos Soundbar HW-Q90R

Key Features

  • The frequency response range is 34Hz ~ 17K Hz
  • Output wattage is 510 watts
  • 17 integrated speakers
  • It works with Alexa
Product dimension3.26 x 5.35 x 48.26 inches
Weight62.8 pounds
Control methodVoice

Let the sound move independently with the help of DTS:X and Dolby atoms. This feature is too active to let the movement of sound in our surroundings. This is an amazing soundbar that comes with 17 integrated speakers.

Samsung offers wireless speakers that use the power of 512 watts. You will get a clear sound even at a low volume. This service is offered by adaptive sound technology. Note that- its frequency response is 34 Hz to 17K Hz. Now, you can get a clear sound in each scene.

The wireless speaker at the upper back works magically to offer you an amazing experience. You can connect Samsung QLED TV and wireless soundbar very easily with the help of Bluetooth. Be happy! Here is no need to use a large number of wires.

Plus Points

Get the 4K pass-through that allows you to connect HDR10 and UHD 4K sources. You will get the amazing experience of sound that fits best with your video.

In addition to the Samsung soundbar, you will get a battery, remote control, HDMI cord, and wall mount kit.


  • Comfortable controller
  • Very simple setup
  • Premium quality
  • Touch buttons
  • Looks stylish


  • Sound delay is not fixable

2. Sonos Beam – Smart TV Sound Bar

Sonos Beam Smart TV Sound Bar

Key Features

  • Wall-mounted system
  • Totally hands-free
  • Integrated Alexa
  • Night mode
Product dimension25.6 x 2.7 x 3.9 inches
Weight6.35 pounds
Control methodVoice

Get this excellent soundbar and entertain it with TV, music, and others. This is an amazing soundbar that is compact in size and has a smart profile. This soundbar is ready to give you a sound of excellent quality. You will get a detailed and clear sound at each beat. Fill your room with this voice and have perfect enjoyment.

Now, you are thinking about which appliances it sits best. Note that you can attach it to podcasts, TV, radio, audiobooks, and many other similar products.

Use your voice can control the beam. This feature makes its use too easy. Sonos is offering you mobile application, remote, and much more. Amazon Alexa is here to allow you news checking, alarm fixing, playing music, and much more.

One good point to note is that this system is totally hands-free. As a result, you are not bound at any time. Continue your enjoyment while allowing it to do its job.

Plus Points

The size is compact to make it portable and attractive. You need no complex process to let it work. Use two cables and let it serve you within minutes.

Amazingly, you can join more than two speakers to enjoy the amazing and clear music in every corner of your room.


  • Hands-free system
  • Worth the money
  • Compact design
  • Set up is easy


  • Battery timing is not extraordinary

3. Samsung HW-Q60R Harman Kardon 5.1 Soundbar

Samsung HW-Q60R Harman Kardon 5.1 Soundbar

Key Features

  • Acoustic beam technology
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • 8 speaker count
Product dimension3.95 x 43.5 x 2.32 inches
Weight7.93 pounds
Control methodRemote

Very smart integration of Harmon Kardon audio with Samsung innovation is supported by a 5.1 channel soundbar. This strategy produces a balanced sound with a theater-like effect. You cannot neglect its Acoustic beam system that is very efficient to give you precise sound during a game or movie.

Examine the signals of sound to offer optimized and clear sound at low volume. This feature has become possible due to adaptive sound technology. Enjoy the immersive sound effect by the usage of up-firing speakers and excellent subwoofers. Now, you can increase the sound volume and clarity to enjoy your game, movie, or music.

Plus Points

Get ready to enjoy the amazing sound experience with a 4K pass though. This feature is very active to connect HDR 10 and UHD 4K. Total 8 speakers are here to make your experience totally amazing. Note that its frequency response is 42 Hz to 20K Hz.

You can allow its connection to other devices with the support of wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Say goodbye to the typical wires and enjoy mess-less music, movie, or game. Alternatively, it can be said that this product is too smart to give your game a pro effect.


  • Integrated Wi-Fi Bluetooth
  • Powerful sound system
  • Wireless system
  • Amazing sound


  • A bit heavy

4. Samsung HW-J355 2.1 Channel 120 Watt Wired Audio Soundbar

Samsung HW-J355 2.1 Channel 120 Watt Wired Audio Soundbar

Key Features

  • Output wattage is 120 watts
  • Speaker is subwoofer
  • Bluetooth connection
  • 5.25 inches speaker
Product dimension37.7 x 2.6 x 2.3 inches
Weight3.5 pounds
Control methodRemote

Maximize the enjoyment of your movie with the help of rich bass. This service is delivered by integrated woofers and one piece of a wired subwoofer. Its smart 2.1 channel is efficient to create a balanced sound all the time you need it. You can enjoy the theater experience at your home.

Your Samsung television is super-active to connect with it without wires. Keep your home free of cables while maintaining your enjoyment to a superior level. Sound connect is here to build a strong connection between Samsung HW-J355 and television. Now, enjoy the richer and clear sound in every corner of your room.

Bluetooth connectivity is here to offer you a wireless connection between TV and soundbar. Get your device on and let it connect to the device you want without any fuss of cables.

Plus Points

Install audio remote app in your android and have good control over your system with the help of a tablet and Smartphone. This is an amazing feature that is not offered by all the soundbars.

In addition to Samsung HW-J355, you will get a USB and optical cable, a battery, remote control, mount kit, screws, and manual.


  • Worth the money
  • Amazing quality
  • Easy to install
  • Quality bass


  • Not wireless

5. SAMSUNG HW-T650 3.1ch Soundbar

SAMSUNG HW-T650 3.1ch Soundbar

Key Features

  • Power source is electric cord
  • Bluetooth multi-connection
  • 3D surround sound
  • Power is 340 watts
Product dimension38.6 x 3.5 x 2.3 inches
Weight19 pounds
Control methodRemote

You can maximize your audio experience with amazing sound quality. Get the balanced and clear sound with a 3D audio system that has a central channel to enjoy immersive sound effects every time you deal with this soundbar.

Say a nice welcome to the DTS virtual:X and Dolby audio that lets you have a theater-like feeling in your bedroom or living room. Amazingly, you would feel that the scene is around you. Center channel speaker is here to offer you enjoy a clear experience.

It comes with a wireless subwoofer that gives you bass full of beats and sounds. Now, you can feel the voice fluctuation very easily and enjoy the deep sound and full bass with confidence.

Plus Points

The Bluetooth of this product offers you to connect two devices at the same time. You can connect the TV with the help of Bluetooth while neglecting the wires and cables. Now, have an amazing sound experience with the help of HDMI.

Have an excellent environment as this product is very smart to detect your location. It analyzes itself and works accordingly. It gives you full control with the help of a single remote. Plus, you are ready to enjoy an excellent gaming experience with excellent sound.


  • Integrated center speaker
  • Multiple connections
  • Excellent bass
  • Great for price


  • Noise leakage in subwoofer

How To Choose The Best Soundbar for Samsung QLED Tv

In this part, you will get a brief guide on how to choose the best soundbar. This will give you proper insight to choose the best among all.


Before going for the final purchase, you should know for which purpose you are going for this unit. This means that you should have clear-cut knowledge of the devices you want to connect with it. You can join this product with a TV or other similar devices. The connection may be completed either by wire or wireless support.

In short, your purpose of purchasing should be clear to you. Alternatively, the purchase without purpose would lead to the wastage of both time and money both. It is worth having this product if you know your purpose. This trick would simply lead to zero worries.


Many customers buy the soundbar while they do not know where to place this product. You should know where you are going to attach this unit. Some product fits best for indoor use, while other works effectively at outdoor.

You know! Each soundbar gives unique sound bass. It is not necessary that a product with amazing bass would work both indoor and outdoor. So, if you are going to use it for outdoor use, then check their feature and go for one that works best in this location. This strategy would leave you with a nicer and amazing listening experience. The same formula fits for the device with which you are going to attach it.


It is a common fact that customers with a tight budget buy a less expensive product. At the same time, they neglect the power it demands. As a result, they suffer the budget issue afterward. Try to focus on the power demand, compare it with your monthly expenses, and then go for purchase.

If your budget is not very tight, you can pick the product with any range of power. Focus on this strategy; it would work to stay the worry away from you.


This is an amazing and necessary feature that is neglected by multiple users. Before purchasing the soundbar, you should know what mounting system is it offers. Is it suits best according to your connecting devise or location?

If the selected unit is coming up with a nicer mounting system with all supporting accessories, then you should go for that product.

Secondly, you should keep an eye on its installation. The complex installation process is followed by a series of issues. Try to pick the one that offers a simple installation and mounting system. The product with excellent and simple mounting is the best choice for you.


The different soundbars come with unique connectivity. There are different processes of connectivity. Some offer you a connection system with the wires and others allow you to have a wireless connection. Furthermore, the wireless connection may be offered by Bluetooth or HDMI.

If you feel comfortable with a USB connection, then go for it. It would not bother you. But, if your preference is a wireless connection, search and go for it. The wireless connectivity would save you from a larger mess. All in all, keep an eye on the connection type; the product of your choice is offering. Prefer the one that is according to your choice.

Voice control

Though this is an additional feature, it supports you positively. Some customers like the remote control method, while others prefer the voice search.

Regardless of what is your preference, we recommend you pick the unit that is offering you voice control. This would give you amazing control over your device. If a company offers some additional support, you should get it with confidence. It would have zero negative features. You will get positivity somehow.


You can consider the channel as the source of the sound. You may get five audio channels at different places. Their location may be at the center, left, right, and a pair at the back. All these speakers houses in a single product. Alternatively, you can say that a single soundbar may have five or more speakers or channels.

Now, it’s your choice to pick according to your demand and location. Some location demands more speakers while others sit happily with fewer speakers. Have deep thinking and then go for purchase.


Tell yourself what level of bass you need. Keep in mind that not every soundbar offers an integrated subwoofer. It depends on your choice what you pick. If your demand is a deep bass with a clear voice at low frequency, our recommendation is to get the one with a built-in subwoofer.

On the other side, you can stay limited without a subwoofer. We are recommending you get a soundbar with a larger integrated subwoofer; if you have enough space. Alternatively, a smaller subwoofer would be enough. Extending it more, you can get the customizable subwoofer to enjoy a wonderful experience.

Sound modes

Different soundbars come with different sound modes. You should consider this feature to get a nicer sound quality. The advanced sound system has the capacity to change the setting according to the scene. This ensures the right sound at the right time.

Amazingly, Good quality soundbars offer multiple sound modes like news mode, music mode, movie mode, game mode, and similar modes. You can get amazing presets to enjoy the full customization of settings according to your taste.

All in all, you can make the sound more brilliant, but to what extent… depends on your choice.


The budget is the main thing that bears high status in any guide. A good quality product always demands a strong budget. If you demand the best product on a low budget; it is impossible. There are chances that the low-priced product comes with the least features. Alternatively, you have to compromise on its quality.

We always recommend, try to keep your budget to a bit higher level. This would be followed by a nicer product to serve you for a longer time.

On the other hand, with a low budget, you can get a soundbar accordingly. At this point, no one guarantees quality. Honestly speaking, this would lead you to go for purchase again after a few months. Spend money one time and get service all time. It is a simple formula.

Final Verdict

In this section, we are going to conclude the best soundbar for Samsung QLED tv. The market is offering you a wide range of soundbars, but not every type fits best for you. This fact has urged us to introduce you to the best soundbar for Samsung QLED tv.

You know!

The technology is going to be wide. Now, every device and appliance is getting advanced with modern technology. This situation is followed by a large number of question marks.

That’s why!

The suggestion from us is that you should analyze these units one by one and then choose what do you like most.

Our recommendation

If your budget has enough capacity then we are recommending you to have Samsung Harman Kardon 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos Soundbar HW-Q90R. This is an amazing product with nicer frequency and supporting features. On the other hand, if your budget is tight and needs the best products within your limit, then we are recommending you SAMSUNG HW-T650 3.1ch Soundbar.

Alternatively, you can choose the other mentioned products. But for this decision, you need enough insight to get the top pick. We are suggesting you visit our buying guide before making your selection final.

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