How to Change Facebook Themes and Skins for Android

How to Change Facebook Themes and Skins for Android

Are you bored with the classic Facebook look? Now you can easily use beautiful Facebook themes and skins for Android.

Nowadays almost everyone is using Facebook in their Android device, but using the same theme daily is boring that’s why you want to change facebook themes and skins, So why not try some beautiful and colorful themes in your Android device.

Facebook Themes and Skins for Android

Now it’s very easy to change Facebook themes and skins for Android by just installing an app. We compiled a list of top 5 best apps to change facebook themes for android.

1. Multi-Color For Facebook

Multi Color For FacebookMulti-Color For Facebook is one of the best facebook theme app to get your new Facebook in many beautiful colors you want. It’s a lightweight facebook browser to Change the Facebook theme into your favorite color. App Changes the color in no time. This app is designed for Facebook Lovers with many beautiful colors.

2. Pink Color for Facebook

Pink Color for FacebookColor your social life with a new multi-color browser app. This is a browser that changes your facebook color. Browse your Facebook in a new color. It is a very lightweight facebook theme android browsing saves your phone data and you can use full-screen Facebook browsing with great colors.

3. Mini for Social Themes

Mini for Social Network ThemesMini for Social is a speed-up wrapper for Facebook and Messenger. A lightweight messenger for Facebook, faster and safer way with more theme and skins in one app. It’s faster in the process of posting status or surf FB page and lighter when it is run on smartphones with minimal specifications. This is the best app for low spec phones.

4. Folio for Facebook & Messenger

Folio for Facebook & MessengerFolio is the fastest Facebook browsing app that Built around the lite Facebook mobile site, It will restore space on your device, that saving your battery and data plan. You can also download videos. Folio Lock to secure your account with a 4-digit pin. It has a night mode and beautiful themes. This is the best and fast messenger for Facebook.

5. Maki Facebook, Messenger & Downloader

MakiFacebook, messenger and video downloader in a single app. It’s totally ad-free. It has night themes and also supports multiple Facebook accounts. Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and more socials are built-in as well. This is one of the best Facebook messenger and downloaders. Must try this 2 in one app for messaging and downloading.

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The FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

1. How to change the Facebook theme on Android?

By installing one of the above mention apps.

2. How do I download a Facebook theme?

We give a download button, just click and download from the play store.

3. How do I get a black Facebook theme?

Install Folio for Facebook and turn on night mode.

4. How can I change my Facebook theme color?

Install multi color for Facebook and choose your desired facebook background color.

5. How to change the Facebook app theme?

The Facebook official app doesn’t have build-in facebook themes, to change the Facebook app theme you have to install one of the above mention third-party Facebook apps.


These are the best apps to change facebook themes and skins for Android, hope you choose one from the above list. if you face any issue please try another one. Please let us know in the comment box which android phone themes and skins you are using?


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