Hide Text Messages on Android from Girlfriend

Are you looking for How to Hide Text Messages on Android from Girlfriend? In this article, we compiled a list of the best apps to hide text messages on android.

Let’s imagine you are in a relationship with someone and she is, without your knowledge, spying on your phone. She knows about all the names of people whose messages you’ve deleted from your phone. Or maybe you want to erase some text messages that contain personal information which you don’t want others to see? Whatever the reasons are, you need to know how to hide text messages on your Android phone. You can also use Technocare Tricks Apk to bypass FRP lock from Android.

Nowadays everyone is using a smartphone and doing lots of conversations with text messaging on a smartphone. Some of your text messages in inbox contain sensitive information like bank account transaction notification or conversations that you don’t want to show your girlfriend. That’s why you need to use an app to hide your text messages on your android device.

5 Best Apps to Hide Text Messages on Android

These below-listed apps will make your private and no one can get your sensitive information in your text messages inbox. Now no need to worry when you lend your smartphone to your girlfriend or leave it somewhere unattended. By using these hidden messages app for android your texts are private and secure.

1. Private Message Box: Hide SMS

best hidden messages app for android

This is the best app to hide your private conversation. No one can check your private messages. The private message box saves SMS/MMS/CALL LOGS of your desired contacts with a PIN pad.

To keep private messages from a particular number, just add it as a private contact. After that when a new message is received from that number, it will directly move in the app. It’s very easy to use this app to keep your SMS conversation 100% private and secure.



  • Auto backup
  • Free text & Multimedia Messaging between Users
  • Full of emoji characters (300 emoji support), useful to represent emotions.
  • Image/Audio/Location sharing
  • It also provides free texting between App Users. Just Sign-In with your number. Send unlimited text, audio, photo and location details to another user.
  • Messages move back and forth from the stock app.
  • Open PSB using any web browser
  • Password protection: hidden mailbox with no app icon, cannot be seen or opened by other people
  • Privacy Guard
  • Timeout: set a timer to close Application

2. GO SMS Pro

go sms pro app This app has around 100 million installs, This is itself a text messaging app to replace stock message application. Go SMS Pro is a very simple and personalizing app.

Go SMS Pro comes with build-in so many beautiful themes, private box, stickers, pop-up window, Go chat (send and receive free SMS/MMS). This is a very fast and safe app with tons of amazing features to make messaging very efficient.




  • Advanced Private Box for renaming or hiding entrance, faking notification as well
  • Avatar popup Show the contact avatar above all apps when new messages arrive. It needs SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission to show the system level popup.
  • Delay send gives you the opportunity to correct the wrong messages.
  • Dual SIM matching, supports 8,000+ dual SIM devices (keep increasing)
  • Folded stranger messages Automatically categorize strangers conversations and keep your Inbox simplicity
  • Free to enjoy all paid themes (Upgrade to Themes VIP)
  • GO chat support for free messages and group chat
  • Hundreds of personalized themes and lovely stickers (keep increasing)
  • Identify calls Identify unknown calls and block spam calls.
  • Pop up new messages for quick viewing and replying
  • Private box to encrypt messages & protect your privacy
  • SMS blocker smartly block blacklist/keywords and filter spam messages
  • Sticky conversations help you focus on important contacts by sticking them at the top
  • Support disabling all sponsored messages
  • Unlimited cloud storage space for message backup

3. Calculator Pro+ – Private Message

private messaging app Calculator Pro+ is the best private text messaging app for android. This is just looking like a calculator outside, actually, there is a vault inside this app that is password protected.

It looks and works like a calculator for other people but for you, it’s a password screen for secret messages and call logs. Just add your private contact number inside this app, after that, all of your new call logs and text messages will go inside this app. This is a 100% secure and secret app for your android device.



  • Auto backup
  • Custom notification text & icon for a private message
  • Filter/block spam calls
  • Free text & multimedia messaging between users
  • Full of emoji characters (300 emoji support)
  • Hide app icon, cannot be seen or opened by other people
  • Hide SMS and MMS
  • Image/Audio/Location sharing
  • Messages move back and forth from the default messaging app
  • Open from phone default dialer
  • Password screen of a calculator to open application
  • Timeout: set a timer to close the application

4. Message Locker

Message Locker app The message Locker app is different from other apps mentioned above. This will not hide your messages but instead, this is a locker app that will lock your default text message app.

This app is just like other app lockers, you just need to set up a password or a pattern lock. This app will lock other apps that maybe you want to lock like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Skype, etc. No one can open locked apps without a pin/pattern.


  • Adds a PIN / Pattern lock to all your messaging and email apps.
  • Automatically detects messaging apps on the device.
  • E-Mail-based password recovery.
  • Fast and Easy unlock.
  • Intuitive and simple interface for a great experience.
  • Keeps your conversations safe and secure.
  • One PIN / Pattern to lock multiple apps.
  • Optimized for HD tablets.
  • Third-party and system apps supported including Whatsapp, Snapchat, Gmail, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, Hangouts and many more.

5. Vault


Vault is all in one app that hides your private photos, videos, and apps on your mobile. There are 100 million people using this app to protect private data on their smartphones.

This app allows you to hide private contacts and their messages. After hide your private contacts will no longer show in your phone and stock messaging app.

This also supports an incognito browser that will make your web browsing history private. This app uses a cloud backup system. Vault support fingerprint lock. The best feature we like is if someone tries to open the vault it will take a snap, this way you can see who was trying to open your vault.



  • App Lock (Privacy Protection): Use App Lock to protect your social, photo, call logs and telephone apps to prevent privacy leaks.
  • Call Reminder: Whenever there is an incoming call, you can search for the phone number through the inquiry box.
  • Cloud Backup: Back up your photos and videos to Cloud so they never get lost.
  • Data Transfer: With the Cloud Backup feature, you could easily transfer your data to a new phone by cross-device synchronization.
  • Password recovery: Worried about forgetting your password? Set a security email in Vault so you can retrieve it.
  • Private Browser: With a Private browser, your internet surf will leave no traces behind. There is also a Private Bookmark feature.


So, guys, these are the best apps to hidden text messages from the girlfriend or anyone else. The above apps ranking is based on their features and uses to hide text messages on android. According to your needs, you can select the best app to hide your text messages. So install one of the above apps before your girlfriend tries to see your private messages.

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